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His life is his message – we might say. With sophisticated style and distinctive appearance, the internationally renowned expert of the life insurance business has routinely and elegantly taken the stage at the largest European event of the profession at the Europe Congress Center in Budapest. It has been proven again, that the foundations of our personal success are heavily based on persistent professional work and disciplined lifestyles. Sandro Forte and his Hungarian mentee Márta Király gave an exclusive interview to Biztosító Magazin.

What makes your legendary Success Masterclass program so special?

The Success Masterclass, in today’s form, is the result of almost 29 years of success – and of course failures. Up to now, we have been training tens of thousands of participants in 77 countries on worldwide level. This program, in addition to learning new and useful knowledge, is not just about selling techniques. Even though different cultures around the globe always require different attitudes, this program works in all environments. And if we succeed, then by the end of the training the Masterclass will change the participants as well: they will become more successful and happier – begins the introduction Sandro Forte, the founder of Success Masterclass, who presented at the Budapest Life Insurance Summit this September.

What can people expect from this programme? What are the topics covered in Success Masterclass?

The goal of the program, as its name implies, is to help the participants to achieve extraordinary success in the financial and insurance business. The two-day intensive training covers the following areas:

  • It contains everything that is necessary to enable the participants to provide not only first class, but world-class service.
  • We put special emphasis on objection handling.
  • We improve our calling skills and build custom sales bids.
  • We discuss thoroughly how to handle the different types of customers properly.
  • We learn how to set goals and create hierarchy between them.
  • We review the basics of effective time management.
  • We’re also discussing psychological questions.
  • We will be working on the subconscious mind to achieve even greater success.
  • We will make sure that the service we offer become so good, that we continually get new prospects.
  • We do all of the above very efficiently in a two days training.

When someone become successful in his or her profession, it naturally has a positive effect on the private and personal relationships – this is an added value to the program that I would definitely like to mention.

It is not just a training program but a coaching program that comes with a guarantee – Sandro Forte explains. | Photo credit: Ferenc Árpád Kocsis – bmag.hu

You teach in 77 countries, what feedback have you received for the Success Masterclass so far?

The Success Masterclass is quite unique, because it is not just a training program but a coaching program that comes with a guarantee. It will change the participants. Well, this is the goal actually, to change the mindset of people – so it comes with a guarantee. Those who take the Success Masterclass will be guaranteed that, if they not sabotage the implementation of learning, their sales volume will surely increase by at least 30 percent in 90 days. Otherwise we refund the tuition fee – said Sandro Forte.

At those companies where I have delivered this training over the past 12 years, the average increase in personal sales volume – for those who did it – was 57 percent. The record is held by a Singapore Life Insurance Adviser, who works at Prudential and has achieved roughly 358 percent growth.

Sandro Forte on the stage of the Budapest Life Insurance summit at the Europa Congress Center | Photo credit: Ferenc Árpád Kocsis – bmag.hu

The big question is, what’s going to happen after the training? What can guarantee that the content of the training will be transferred into practice at the end?

In addition to guarantee that I mentionad before, we also provide the participants with a 26-week online coaching program after completing the training. Participants receive an email every week to remind them that they should not forget to act.

What is different about this program it is not about to make the facilitator money, but in reality, the participant receives techniques that they can implement immediately, so they never become better. My objective is to make as many people as possible to become more successful. Transforming them from average participant to a 100 percent implementer.

Some people used to go to the habit of go to trainings and then do nothing, which is a mistake. I build up this training to help people to implement the ideas what I teach them.

I can now say that my clientele has changed too: today I have a much better portfolio than before – said Király Márta. | Photo credit: Ferenc Árpád Kocsis – bmag.hu

Márta, you had a low point in your life when Sandro held the Success Masterclass, what results did you achieve personally so far?

Based on Sandro’s guidance, I managed to transform my daily routine, so today I can look after my clients even better than before. Since I was able to raise the level of my work significantly, I can now say that my clientele has changed too: today I have a much better portfolio than before.

What’s great about this training is that it actually works in practice. After the training, Sandro became my personal mentor, and then week by week we transferred into practice what I had learnt on the course. As Sandro said, we did not just hear nice thoughts during the two days taring, but we also got some useful tips too. But Success Masterclass is mostly about action, and if a consultant is brave enough to follow Sandro’s instructions, success is really guaranteed – explains Márta Király.

It is guaranteed if they implement – continues Sandro Forte. The thing why not every people become successful is about the human nature. We are human beings, each if us is different. It is easier to make excuses than have the discipline to implement. Even if one is totally new in the business, can build up her or his personal success.

Sales volume after the Success Masterclass will surely increase by at least 30 percent in 90 days. Otherwise we refund the tuition fee – said Sandro Forte.. | Photo credit: Ferenc Árpád Kocsis – bmag.hu

Where and how can one apply to the next Success Masterclass in Hungary?

Some people are afraid of the results, they think, this system might work on much better market than Hungary, but these ideas have worked in 77 countries already – some people always gonna say Hungary is different than US or UK. There are small differences however, but the system is bulletproof and able to work in any countries. There are fewer differences, but the Success Masterclass guarantees a great success for the participants regardless of country. Márti, actually is a very good example, she has qualified for MDRT 8 months after the training.

Those Hungarian colleagues who have been part of it know this. There is an advanced Masterclass for those professionals, who have already mastered a certain level in the industry, who have already implemented the basic ideas successfully.

If you are interested in the legendary Success Masterclass just go to sandroforte.com or send an email to his team, or contact Marta Király, the “ambassador” in Hungary for more details.

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