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The storm is not over yet – Allianz Hungária prepared early

Alexander Protsenko, CEO of Allianz Hungária, highlighted the results of 2022 and the challenges of the years ahead in his annual interview to Biztosító Magazin. Events enough to fill a decade have happened within this one year, and various challenges have been assigned to the insurance industry.

Insurance industry is facing challenging times, but new trends also open up room for...

Dynamic and passionate leader, Aleksandar Mlinar took over the Market Management department at Allianz Hungária Insurance Company this year. He is a truly international leader who has held various positions within the Allianz Group in different parts of the world over the last ten years.

Alexander Protsenko: Allianz must compare itself to companies outside the insurance industry

2021 has been, again, a very difficult year but the direction remained the same for Allianz, and for the rest of the Hungarian insurance industry, everything is just got a bit accelerated. Allianz is now entering into the subsequent phase of digitization. Documents will be reviewed, simplified, or even modified to make business processes smarter and even more convenient.

Allianz: Accelerated digitalization with a human touch

Client experience is a buzzword; it covers a wide range of topics. Continuity, stability, attention, extra or bonus services and follow ups are key elements to great customer satisfaction. But what does it exactly mean for a leading international insurance company like Allianz?

Allianz CEO, Alexander Protsenko to accelerate digitalization and to build team spirit in home...

Despite the second wave of coronavirus is hammering the economy this year, Allianz is keeping up its strong position on Hungarian insurance market. In March almost the entire company moved to home office within in one week and started remote operation smoothly.

According to Claudia Oriovics emotional intelligence is key for a successful leader

Each acquaintance can give you something valuable, helping you to shape your own personality  - says Claudia Oriovics, the new Head of Market Management at Allianz Hungária. Having recently moved from Munich to Hungary, with an expertise of almost ten years at the insurance market

Alexander Protsenko, new CEO of Allianz Hungária to embrace change and motivate colleagues in...

Combining his ambitions with peaceful style Allianz Hungária’s newly appointed CEO, Alexander Protsenko took over his office at company’s headquarter this summer. As the regulators gave green light to his appointment, he brought his decades of experiences in insurance business to the board.

Generali Investor Day: Leveraging strengths to accelerate growth

The Board of Directors of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A , chaired by Gabriele Galateri di Genola, has approved Generali’s new three-year strategic plan, Generali 2021:...

The world’s number one life insurance trainer, Sandro Forte visited Hungary

His life is his message – we might say. With sophisticated style and distinctive appearance, the internationally renowned expert of the life insurance business has routinely and elegantly taken the stage at the largest European event of the profession at the Europe Congress Center in Budapest.

Generali Global Agent Excellence Contest 2018

The second Generali Global Agent Excellence Contest took place in Sorrento to elect the best agent within the Generali Group. During the Grand Finale Sergio Schena, from Generali Italia, was voted as Group’s best agent.


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